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  • February 22, 2019

Delivering goods or packages on time is one of the essential factors of a business. Sometimes timely delivery also affects the success of your business. For Instance, if you want to deliver medicines and you are unable to deliver on time, you may risk someone's life. Parcels and packages may differ; however, your consumer's time duration for the requirement of the good may be less, so having a reliable delivery partner is crucial for every business.

Why On-time delivery is so important

Regardless of the type of business you run, timely delivery of packages, letters, and documents is critical. As a result, we recommend that you hire a professional courier service, to handle your deliveries. Courier service differs from normal delivery as well as mailing services in courier services couriers travel straight from pickup to destination rather than routing to complete various tasks or making numerous shipments for numerous clients and businesses in one long trip. Our Partners have the best Logistics ecosystem that ensures no delay in delivery and keeps its promises.

These services are necessary for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of on-time delivery that we would like to emphasise to you:

  • When you deliver items, shipments, documents, and so on time, you are being prompt and professional.
  • Customers and clients can be quite unhappy with you, and you may lose money if they lose trust in you. If you've ever waited for a box and received it many days later than planned, you know how upsetting it can be to receive something essential later than expected.
  • Certain items must be delivered on time according to tight legal criteria. For example, documentation might have to be approved and submitted within 24 hours to be legally accepted.
  • On-time delivery increase customer and client satisfaction. Not only will they be pleased to receive their items on the schedule, but professional courier services will make the delivery procedure enjoyable.

What causes a delay in National and International delivery?

  • Bad weather:
  • Bad weather is one of the leading causes of delays in international package delivery. As annoying as it may be for customers, weather conditions sometimes influence how quickly shipments are delivered. Whereas only a handful of companies know how to handle delivery delays, and we are one of them.

  • Customs clearance:
  • When exporting overseas, you and your carriers will be subject to customs regulations. Customs may keep your cargo indefinitely or until the necessary information is given if all needed paperwork is not attached and filled out correctly

    Working with reputable courier service providers that keep track of customs documentation might help you avoid customs delays. We can help you with customs documentation for your shipments automatically, allowing you to minimize customs delays.

  • Prohibited items:

    Many prohibited items and packages are getting rejected and seized every day by customs.The following is a list of worldwide prohibited items:

    1. Animals that are alive.
    2. Hunting (animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory and shark fin, and animal remain.
    3. Human ashes or remains
    4. Cash (current legal tender).
    5. Precious and semi-precious stones, loose.
    6. Firearms, ammunition, and explosives / explosive devices in their entirety.
    7. Counterfeit products and drugs are examples of illegal items.

  • Incorrect address:
  • When a customer provides an incorrect or misspelt address, or when the courier service provider fails to record the client's address correctly, the delivery company may not have sufficient information to deliver an item. This may cause a delay in shipping or the shipment not to arrive at all. So, to avoid delivery issues, make sure you address your mail correctly.

  • Holidays

  • The peak season for eCommerce is around holidays, and this is when sales frequently rise to great levels. Of course, this involves a significant rise in the number of shipments, which could quickly exceed the courier company's capacities, particularly if they lack a sufficient delivery network or system. When clients want their products to arrive on time the most, this can cause a delay in delivery.

  • Supply chain
  • The most common cause of delay in delivery is logistical issues. Lack of capacity to handle orders or store items is the main cause of supply chain limitations, particularly during peak shopping seasons, holidays, or significant deals. If your shipping partners don't have enough cars or workers, they might also happen at the last mile of the delivery process to the customer's home.

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    How a leading courier company in Mumbai help you with National and International delivery

    We are the leading courier company in Mumbai for international delivery. With our international delivery service, you can easily deliver your goods to your destination within the shortest time possible.

    A key benefit of availing of this service is that you can save on logistics and handling costs because every shipment will be based on pickup and drop-off. They also have a wide range of shipping options, so you can select what suits you best. Whatever your shipping needs are, We will take care of it for you!

    1. Constantly communicates with the customs department to provide ease in delivery.
    2. Regular tracking of goods.
    3. Saving time by delivering goods quickly to the customers without any delay in delivery.
    4. Door-to-door delivery of goods.
    5. Deliver and transport goods safely.
    6. Flexible rates according to your needs.