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AMS Courier Services

Packaging Guidlines

Incorporated on March 15, 2002, AMS COURIER SERVICES is pioneer among developing an organized and well-networked chain of courier services.

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Customer Packaging Suggestions

Packaging: No consignment can travel up to the destination in sealed condition. It will be opened and checked at various check-points. Therefore packaging must be strong enough to sustain the jolts of journey. Under no circumstances V-TRACK LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. will take responsibility for any damage or breakage of any consignment.

  • Ensure That The Packing Box Is Suitable In Size And Strength To Hold Its Contents.
  • Ensure That The Cushioning Material Is Stuffed Generously In The Box.
  • Use Of Strapping Is A Good Way To Seal The Box As It Supports Even Weaker Boxes.
  • Fragile Items Should Always Be Packed By A Professional Packer With Proper Markings Indicating It As FRAGILE
  • Ensure That All Liquid Shipments Are Packed In Leak-Proof Bottles / Cans And Then Wrapped In Plastic Bags.
  • Ensure That While Packing Sharp Items Like Knives, Scissors Etc. The Edges And Points Of These Items Are Fully Protected.
  • Shipments Packed In Wooden Box Should Have An Openable Lid, Which Can Be Opened And Re-Locked Again And Again.
  • Ensure That No Single Package Weighs More Than 30 Kgs.
  • Floppy Disks/CDs: Packing Must Be In Padded Envelopes Or In Blister-Proof Packing.
  • Sample Medical Vials: Must Have Adequate Protection Inside The Packing So That The Same Do Not Move.
  • Shredded Paper Can Be Used For Packing Such Materials.
  • Foodstuff Samples Like, Tea, Rice, Grains, Pulses, Etc: Fabric-Reinforced Envelopes Must Be Used. Plain Covers Should Not Be Used.
  • Books: Must Be Packed In Cartons / Wooden Cases. If In Cartons, Two Strappings Must Be Done To Ensure That The Contents Hold Together.
  • Textile Goods: Must Be First Wrapped In Polythene Or Any Suitable Waterproof Material And Then Covered With Strong Hessian / Jute Cloth.
  • Electronic Articles: Must Be Packed In Adequate-Ply Corrugated Cartons.

Step By Step Procedure

  • Use A Corrugated Box Or A Rigid Carton Of Adequate Strength.
  • Check The Weight Specification Of The Box / Carton.
  • Do Not Over-Stuff It And Do Not Exceed The Weight Specification.
  • Provide Internal Protection With Adequate Cushioning Material.
  • Use Strong Tape Designed For Shipping. Tape Should Be At Least 2" Wide, But Preferably 3" Wide.
  • Use Proper Labeling That Clearly Shows Origin And Destination Address, Including Phone Numbers And PIN Codes.
  • Live Animals And Plants.